Apart from offering reduced rates to social enterprises and going out of our way to help you in every way we can with achieving your positive social impact, here are some of the ways we choose to run our business:

  • We bank ethically with Triodos
  • We are powered by Ecotricity
  • Where possible, other services and products we use are sustainably sourced and delivered
  • We avidly recycle everything we can and endeavour to create as little  waste as possible and are currently looking to convert our vehicle to run on waste cooking oil
  • Passionworks enables us to volunteer many hours a week on a range  of community and social projects, most notably our own initiative  www.ChangeTheFuture.co.uk which strives to develop a web platform  to invite all of society (particularly young people) to come together to  redesign our education system for the better.  See Luke’s other voluntary work at www.lukeflegg.co.uk


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