We have diverse skills in our team

Our small friendly team has a diverse range of filmmaking and video production skills from idea development to filming and post-production. Our key skills include idea creation, camera operation, cinematography and lighting, video editing, live events streaming, sound design, colour grading, drone photography and motion graphics.

aerial photography

In the beginning in 2008

Here’s Luke and Jake in Vietnam just before starting Passionworks Productions together

We are a partnership of freelancers

We started in 2008 as a team of three fresh young freelancers who wanted to create films for ethical organizations

We’ve been friends and freelance professionals for several years and we came together with the shared dream of using our passion and expertise in film to help others. Collectively, we are Passionworks Productions.

Luke Flegg

Luke Flegg – founder and lead admin

Luke has worked in the film industry in camera and lighting and has been a freelance videographer and editor for many years. Check out his IMDB profile.

Charlie Shread – founder

Charlie is an independent documentary filmmaker as well as a freelance editor and sound designer. Check out his IMDB profile.

Jake Chilcott

Jake Chilcott – founder

Jake is a pro sound guy and has now worked for many years in the film industry in the sound recording department. Check out his IMDb profile. Currently Jake is not taking PwP jobs as he is busy working on feature films.


Idea, shoot and post-production

We work on projects all the way through the process, from developing the idea, to helping you upload your finished film on the right platforms.

Our working process and guarantee

We involve you in the development process to ensure your needs are met.

We start with a call, then meet either in person or via video call to discuss ideas and your desired outcome. This will allow us to understand who the intended audience is and what you want to achieve with the video or live event. Once we’re clear on the aims, we finalize the idea, book the shooting day(s) and get everything prepared for the shoot. The next big steps will be the filming and then lastly the post-production, which includes editing, motion graphics, colour grading, sound design and sourcing appropriate music.

Throughout the production process, we will communicate clearly with you and deliver video previews so you can offer feedback, which allows us to make revisions.

We take payments in thirds. The first 1/3rd is upfront to pay for expenses and developing the idea. The second instalment is after the shoot and then we only ask for the final instalment once you’re happy with the finished product.

We help you make this project the success you want it to be and you can be rest assured that you have not wasted any money because if we create a video for you and you’re not happy with it, we will refund you.