The Team

Who, what, where and how!


Luke Flegg

Hello, I’ve worked in the film industry in camera & lighting for 7 years.

See my IMDB profile, CV and a list of my voluntary jobs here


Charlie Shread

Hi! I studied film production in Bournemouth, in Passionworks I have multiple creative roles.

I learn, play, create, dream and live a full life, and I believe; through compassion, education and co-operation; humanity can build a more exciting, enriching and sustainable civilisation.



Jake Chilcott

Hello, I’m Jake and I studied Music and Audio Technology at Bournemouth University.

In Passionworks I specialise in sound – recording on location as well as post-production.

I like sound


We work within an extended network of professionals in film production, graphics, animation, music, so we can adapt and scale your project as much as you need!

We’ve been friends and freelance professionals for many years and came together with the shared dream of using our passion and expertise in film to help others. Collectively, we are Passionworks Productions.

If you’re looking for an ethical provider with creative flare who is high quality, completely reliable and great value, choose Passionworks Productions.

Expect friendliness and big motivation. If you're a social enterprise, Passionworks Productions was made for you and your cause; we are driven to help you make a positive difference in this world! We will work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor a campaign that helps you to reach out and excite the world about you and what you do.

Our craft is cinematic storytelling that touches people's hearts and sends out the right messages to the right people.

Our Ethical Practice

Apart from offering reduced rates to social enterprises and going out of our way to help you in every way we can with achieving your positive social impact, here are some of  our ethical choices:

  • We bank with the Co-Operative
  • We are powered by Ecotricity
  • We avidly recycle everything we can and endeavour to create as little  waste as possible
  • We avoid food and other products that involve animal cruelty
  • We reduce our individual environmental impact wherever possible, e.g. eating meat and dairy alternatives (Charlie is vegan)
  • Passionworks enables us to volunteer many hours a week on a range  of community and social projects, most notably our own initiative which strives to develop a web platform  to invite all of society (particularly young people) to come together to  redesign our education system for the better.  See Luke’s other voluntary work at

Using Passionworks Productions

Have a chat with us! It’s free and we’re friendly.

You are able to reach us all day and every day (8am til 11pm). We offer a free first consultation and we quote for free.

We involve you in the development process to ensure your needs are met; we communicate clearly and deliver online previews for you to offer feedback.

We take payments in thirds and only ask for the final instalment once you’ve seen the goods.

We have a success guarantee.

We help you make it the success you want it to be and you can be rest assured that you have not wasted any money, because if we create a music video, documentary or a promo video for you and it isn’t as successful as we agreed it would be, we will refund you everything above our out-of-pocket expenses! We will negotiate with you, prior to the shoot, specific aims and targets to define success formally.


So go on, if you made it this far, you must like us enough to give us a call: 078 510 54 199

Thank you for your time!